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Our fresh seafood market has the finest quality, most delicious seafood you can take home to cook. Every day, our market offers fresh fish (whole and fillets), blue crabs, crabmeat, shrimp, oysters(in shell and shucked), clams, crab legs, crab cakes, lobsters, steam pots to go, and much more. Plus, you can find seasonings, spices, breaders, coleslaw, and the sauces you need for a perfect seafood meal.

Put our years of experience and proper seafood handling techniques to work for you today!

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Freshness And Quality Guaranteed

Washington Crab and Oyster Co is a retail and wholesale seafood processing company located in Washington, NC. Tony Tripp, our owner, is a second generation North Carolina waterman with more than 37 years of experience and is a member of the NC Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee for crustacea and oysters.

We shuck oysters, pick North Carolina blue crabs, and sell the freshest East Coast seafood you can find. We are inspected by the FDA, NC Department of Agriculture, NC Department of Marine Fisheries, and NC Shellfish Sanitation. We are also HAACP certified and are one of the largest oyster shell recyclers in the state to help promote new oyster bed growth. We are members of the NC "Freshness from North Carolina" program and promote local seafood every chance we get, as well we support the sustainability of all seafood by partnering with local aquaculture companies for hybrid striped bass, black sea bass, prawns, catfish, and crawfish.

95% of our finfish is caught within a 2 hour drive from our facility.

​Washington Crab and Oyster Company

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